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Hosting via ThisCVR (hereinafter “ThisCVR”, “we” , “our” or “us”) is a mandatory service for all our clients. All services provided work in conjunction with our hosting platform. By contracting our services, clients and customers in no uncertain terms agree to full acceptance of the below conditions, along with all other policies and practices defined in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thus the configuration of each specific hosting plan is entirely at the discretion of ThisCVR.


Our hosting services and plans will vary based on the needs and requirements of each individual customer and/or job. The validity of each product or service depends on the agreed specifics of the individual contractual agreement between ThisCVR and our client(s). Hosting plans consist of a Creation Fee (ThisCVR's non-refundable cost of creating the experience/service or product) along with a monthly hosting fee.


Our hosting plans are assigned to a specific email address along with contact information. Any email address, contact information or addresses provided are required to be fully accurate and are to be updated via official correspondence to the ThisCVR team from the account owner(s). All correspondence pertinent to the specific hosting plan(s) will be conveyed only to the verified email addresses (invoicing, termination details, contracts etc ).


ThisCVR's hosting plans will terminate automatically once the time period purchased expires, provided the customer does not actively renew their plan with us. ThisCVR relinquishes any and all responsibility to notify customers of termination prior to agreed renewal deadlines outlined in previously communication and/or established invoices/contracts. Customers are therefore fully responsible for the continuance and renewal of their plans. Customers therefore agree that ThisCVR will be in no way, shape or form liable for any damage incurred from the customer's failure to meet renewal deadlines.


ThisCVR provides a wide variety of services across the media spectrum. These include but are not limited to:

Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Staging & Rendering

Photography Services

Videography Services

Graphic Design


Customers agree to the fees outlined by ThisCVR based on our professional analysis of the services required. These amounts payable by the client are determined according to the price(s) indicated the time of engagement. ThisCVR shall issue an invoice for payments total electronically before the service is activated, in line with applicable subscription periods. Upon payment, ThisCVR shall then grant access to the client to the contract product or service.


All customers acknowledge that his, her or their data will not be stored or maintained on ThisCVR's servers, and that it will instead be stored on the servers of a third party service provider (hereafter known as "Third Party Server Provider") contracted by ThisCVR. The customer hereinafter represents and warrants that they are familiar with the terms and conditions under which ThisCVR stores data with the Third Party Server Provider and that he/she is bound by them. Customers agree that they have fully read, understood and will comply with all of ThisCVR's Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and all other communication governing our operations and the fashion of said operations and procedures.


ThisCVR will not be accountable for customers data stored on third party servers (including loss, inaccuracy or corruption). In no event shall we be liable with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement under any contract, negligence, strict liability or other theory: (i) for disruption of use or for loss, inaccuracy or corruption of data or for the cost of obtaining substitute goods, technology or services; (ii) for any matter which is beyond ThisCVR's reasonable control; or (iii) for any analogous claim against us or our affiliates by any other party. It is at the sole discretion of ThisCVR to change or work with other third party service providers at any time and without explanation necessary.


Bandwidth is contingent of the customer package subscribed to and each client will be allocated number of GB (Gigabytes) of hosting space along with a certain amount of traffic (bandwidth) to accompany. Client's are limited to an equivalent of 2 times the gigabyte rate purchased as hosting space in the traffic bandwidth every day of the month. This then means that 1GB of contracted hosting space, your daily traffic could reach 2GB of daily bandwidth. In the event a client reaches the agreed daily limit, ThisCVR reserves the right to discontinue content services for that specific day with resumption at midnight Eastern Pacific time of the following day (00:00:01). Clients are afforded the opportunity to extend subscription plan with ThisCVR at any point, should for any reason they so choose to.


ThisCVR is in no way interested in controlling the content of the material distributed through our network, email or website. As a result, we are in no way liable for the manner in which it is hosted/used. If drawn to our attention that any content is illegal or violates current regulations, we reserve the right to remove all such content instantly and without prior notice to anyone. In some situations, some of our services may be prohibited by governing entities of our end users. Corporate firewalls, service provider prohibitions and any other possible embargos are not the responsibility of ThisCVR. This agreement nullifies and voids any claims against ThisCVR related to any loss on the end of the client because of external measures, external incidences or external tools such as but not limited to the aforementioned that may hinder the performance of our services and products in any way.

8.1. Trademarks and Copyrighted Material

ThisCVR is waived of all liability to trademark and copyright infringement claims. Clients agree, by sheer provision of material and by way of this overall agreement, that he/she has the right to use all copyrighted or trademarked content used in connection with our services. It is therefore clear that in no uncertain terms will ThisCVR be in any way, shape or form liable for any trademark or copyright infringements coming out executing our services to our clients and all such claims and liabilities are at the sole responsibility of the individual client and/or clients.

8.2. Refusal Of Service

It is at the sole discretion of ThisCVR to deny or cease any of our services without refund. We also reserve the right to refuse and/or remove information or material, in part or whole, that we deem deplorable, unacceptable, undesirable or in violation of this agreement. Subsequent to the termination of services (in part or whole) for any reason deemed fit by the ThisCVR team, you agree that all related content and data can be deleted from the servers and databases of ThisCVR with absolutely no consent required.


ThisCVR reserves the right to terminate any client’s accommodation contract unilaterally without any prior notice. It is at the discretion of ThisCVR to inform clients of such termination prior to acting. Likewise, and under this circumstance, ThisCVR is committed to returning the proportional part of the annuity paid by the client until its expiry.


It is without prejudice to the provisions of the applicable laws concerning the disclosure of these Terms and Conditions of Business to the competent authorities, the parties assume the strictest duty of confidentiality concerning the content of the discussions, negotiations and proceedings relating to their subject matter, and undertake not to disclose all or part of their content to third parties without the prior written consent of the other parties. Without prejudice to the above, the Parties may disclose such information to companies in their same business group, employees and independent collaborators and consultants who need to know the information and undertake to keep it confidential on terms as strict as those set out in this document. In addition, ThisCVR undertakes to comply with the provisions on confidentiality in the following clause in those cases in which it may be considered to be in charge of processing personal data. This clause shall remain in force after the resolution or termination of this Contract or of any of the services provided for herein.


In acquiescence with data protection regulations, ThisCVR would like to notify all clients and users of the following:

Web Address & all contact information:

ThisCVR's Identification information: ThisCVR Waterhall Terrace, St. James, Barbados

ThisCVR's Identification information: ThisCVR Waterhall Terrace, St. James, Barbados Purpose and description of the processing of customer's personal data for the management of the service: ThisCVR processes personal data in order to accurately and appropriately perform the professional management, suitably maintain the commercial relationship, invoice accordingly and contact clients to facilitate the execution of our services. The legal basis for the processing of your data is the request for services through the acceptance of this contract, according to the terms and conditions detailed in it. The data may only be used for the purposes stated in accordance with the principles of transparency and purpose limitation. The data shall be transferred in those cases where this is legally required to the public entities with competence in the matter. In the event of international data transfers, these will be made with external providers who comply with the standard contractual clauses duly provided by the European Commission for this purpose. The personal data provided will be kept for the duration of the commercial and professional relationship, and subsequently must be kept for the general period of time established for the prescription of personal actions in civil law and the fulfilment of data conservation in order to comply with tax obligations.