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ThisCVR's vision is a world seamlessly connected by way of shared passion and human purpose via technological innovation. We understand that we're distorting the past and forging a future of change by leveraging the power of artifical intelligence (AI) to change the way this world engages, empowers and educates. Unlimited are the possibilities to tackle unmet needs and/or improve impractical processes. ThisCVR is the future of distance, space and time!

ThisCVR is an ecosystem of creatives specializing in destroying creative boundaries. We marry bespoke technical acumen, multidisciplinary artistic abilities and considered artistic vision to foster the innovative-technical coherence that is imperative to our

projects being successful. Supremely paramount, this ensures that our clients receive artistic and technical expertise at every juncture of the creative process, from ideation to exhibition. The synergistic wisdom derived from our internal collaborative efforts manifests an amplified reservoir of knowledge, astute insights and refined intellectual capabilities that guide ThisCVR’s practices.